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International Surface Treatment, Galvanizing Chemicals and Technologies Exhibition: Surtech Eurasia

Eurasia’s leader, Surface Treatment, Galvanizing Chemicals and Technologies Fair, Surtech Eurasia, is preparing to bring the surface treatment and coating industry together under one roof at Istanbul Expo Center between 4-6 October 2023. Eurasia’s leading fair, Surtech Eurasia, is held every two years at the Istanbul Expo Center for professionals from the industrial coating, surface treatment, galvanizing chemicals, plant and equipment industry.

International Surface Treatment, Galvanizing Chemicals and Technologies Fair Surtech Eurasia will bring together industry professionals from all over the world at Istanbul Expo Center simultaneously with the International Industrial Coating Technologies Fair – PaintExpo Eurasia.

It is the authorized representative of the international promotion and qualified visitor program of the          GRAND INTERNATIONAL EXPO GROUP ”Surtech Eurasia fair”

Surtech Eurasia 2023(Istanbul) - 6th International Surface Treatment, Galvanizing Chemicals and Technologies Exhibition --

Opportunities provided for the fairs of manufacturers and company officials in the industries of Industry, Iron and Steel, Heavy Industry, Automotive, Furniture, Machinery and Spare Parts, Heating-Housing, White Goods, Energy, Electricity and Electronics who will visit our fair from abroad;

■ 3 nights free accommodation Hotel check-in: 3 October 2023 – Hotel check-out: 6 October 2023 (including breakfast)
■ Free shuttle transfer from the hotel to the fairground every day
■ Free VIP entrance card to the fairground
■ Using B2B meeting areas in the fairground..
■ Interpreter support in Russian, Arabic, English for your meetings at the fairground

Contact us Whatsapp : +90 533 148 20 00

We Invite All Surface Treatment and Galvanic Industries to Surtech Eurasia 04-06 October 2023

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of Eurasia’s most important “Surface Treatment,Galvanizing Chemicals and Technologies Event” and take your place among hunderds of leading exhibitor companies from all around the world.

Scope of Exhibits


  • Surface Treatment Chemicals
  • Galvanizing Chemicals
  • Chemical Finishing Technologies
  • Mechanical Finishing
  • Galvanizing Equipments
  • Electro Plating
  • Industrial Cleaning Systems
  • Machinery and Equipment for Control, Testing, Analysis and Measuring
  • Environmental Safety, Protection and Employee Safety
  • Engineering and Supporting Services

Why Visit?


• Open your doors to new collaborations

• Do not miss the investment opportunities in the developing sector

• Benefit from the Conference Programs to be organized with the participation of national and international experts

• Network with thousands of industry peers eager to share knowledge and make new contacts

• Having knowledge about competitors and provide an advantage to compare products, methods and price policies of the companies.


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