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Food & Nutritional Ingredients 2023

The “5th International Food, Nutritional Ingredients, Ingredients and Technologies Exhibition: Food & Nutritional Ingredients 2023” is getting ready to host its exhibitors and visitors and bring industry professionals together at Istanbul Expo Center between 31 May – 02 June 2023.

Food & Nutritional Ingredients in Numbers 2022

In 2022, the Food & Nutritional Ingredients Fair hosted 92 participated and represented companies, 48 of which were foreign.
A total of 5.266 industry professionals, 973 of which were foreign visitors from 65 different countries, visited the fair for 3 days.
Within the scope of the FNI Conference Program, industry professionals made a total of 7 commercial and scientific presentations and 1 panel program for 3 days.

It is the authorized representative of the international promotion and qualified visitor program of the          GRAND INTERNATIONAL EXPO GROUP  ”Food & Nutritional Ingredients Expo”

CNR EXPO ] Food İstanbul

Are you a food producer? You will find all the products you are looking for in this fair..

Opportunities provided to make the fairs of food manufacturers and food sector representatives more comfortable, who will visit our fair from your country;

■ 3 nights free accommodation at a 5-star Hotel  Check inn: 30 May – Check out: 2 June 2023 (including breakfast)

■ Free shuttle transfer from the hotel to the fairground every day

■ Arabic, English and Russian translator support for your meetings at the fairground

■ Free VIP entrance card to the fairground

■ Using B2B meeting areas in the fair area.

Contact us Whatsapp : +90 533 148 20 00


Product Groups to be Exhibited

■  Food Ingredients and Raw Materials

■  Organic Ingredients

■  Intermediates and Additives

■  Halal Food Ingredients and Raw Materials

■  Packaging and Packaging Systems

■  Food Analysis and Product Development Systems

■  Food Safety Technologies

■  Food Packing and Packaging Technologies

■  Food Production Equipment


Why Visit?


■ Get a chance to meet industry professionals who are directly in your target market.

■ Step ahead of your competitors by displaying your products and solutions

■ Create sales opportunities to promote your business and reach potential customers by the support of the extended promotional campaigns that are conducted before, during and after the Show.

■ Receive new orders.

■ Increase your market share in Turkey which is one of the Europe’s largest market.

■ Strengthen your market presence and brand awareness.

Why İstanbul?


Located at the junction of the Asian and European continents with its thousands of years of history, being the capital of empires that shaped the world, and strategically unique, where the foundations of the commercial life that dominates the world today were laid, Istanbul is still one of the most important trade centers of the European, Western Asian and Middle Eastern markets. is one.

Istanbul, which has been used as a trade center for more than 3,000 years, continues to be under the lens of the world and regional economy in terms of geography, geopolitics and trade, with a population of over 15 million and a rapidly growing economy. If the production power and foreign trade data are taken into account, the Turkish economy, which performs above the world average, attracts the attention of foreign companies that want to establish commercial links with the countries around Turkey and supply goods from Turkish manufacturers, within the scope of successful fair organizations.



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